Manuli Crimp Fitting

Part No. OPB22542-04-04

45 Degree Elbow, Hose X Female JIC Swivel, No-Skive

Pipe Elbow 

Part No. 5504-4-4

Female Pipe Elbow, Steel

Manuli Crimp Fitting
Part No. OPB12810-16-16
1" Hose x 1" Male NPT, No-Skive
$1.10 each$0.50 each$1.10 each

Manuli Crimp Fitting

Part No. OPB22542-08-08

45 Degree Elbow, 1/2 Hose X 1/2 Female JIC Swivel, No-Skive

Manuli Crimp Fitting
Part No. OPB22593-08-10

90 degree Elbow, 1/2" hose x 5/8"Female
JIC Swivel, No Skive
Air Regulator
Part No. FA3-R2PD

1/4" Ports and 1/4" Gauge Port Installed
$1.10 each

Air Cylinder
Part No. F2500D02-09A

Stainless 2.5" Bore x 9" Stroke
Fabco-Air Valve
4-Way, 3 Position, Double Solenoid Directional Control Valve, 1/4" NPT Ports, Closed Center, 12 VDC


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