Tennco was founded on the notion that there is an increasing need in today’s industrial marketplace for unique, specialized, and forward-thinking products and services to help our customers to become more efficient and profitable in their manufacturing processes.  Today’s global economy requires no less and our history of successful innovation is the envy of our competitors.  A few examples of our specialized capabilities are:

Custom designed fluid connectors to meet any requirement, limited only by your imagination. Custom fittings can be supplied in any material that the customer requires.


Actuators designed and built to meet the customer’s specific requirements.  More than 50% of the actuators that we provide are specially designed to perform specific tasks within very tight parameters.


Custom valve design to perform multiple tasks in a single system.  The valves may be operated manually, electrically or pneumatically, or any combination in the case of stack valves.


Pre-assembled components of hydraulic and pneumatic systems at very affordable prices.


Custom hose and tube assemblies to meet extreme pressure and temperatures requirements using a complete assortment of domestic and international end fittings.  We are just as comfortable with one-off assemblies as we are with high volume OEM requirements.  Our hose assembly shop can produce up to 3,000 hose assemblies per day.


Pressure, flow, temperature, and force measurement instruments built for any need.  Custom dial faces are available for our OEM customers.


These are only a few of the many services that we provide every day at Tennco.  Let us help you to find the solution to your unique fluid power problem.


Not only can Tennco offer a complete line of SAE standard fitting styles, but  also offer the industry's widest selection of non-standard configurations.  Fitting styles include 37 degree flare, O-Ring Face Seal, NPTF pipe, adapter union, metric and British conversion fittings, DIN, JIS, four-bolt flange and brazed tube fittings. We also specialize in jump size and "special" fittings to meet your particular application. 


Tennco will provide you with the highest quality products needed in today’s competitive markets.  Tennco’s custom fittings include those manufactured from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and plastic.  Our range includes: America, metric, British, and Japanese standards. 


Tennco can supply fittings based on industry specifications and original drawings.  If needed, we can help with the design of special requests.  Keep in mind, we also stock many parts that a standard fluid power distributor would not keep on their shelves. 


Whatever your special fittings needs are, we can work with you to meet your company’s requirements in a timely and efficient manner.